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Utah Wildflower Honey - 1 gallon

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Wildflower- Gallon - Raw

Our Honey Characteristics:

Unfiltered - Retains some beeswax and pollen - commercial packers typically filter their honey to create a clear visually appealing product. (read about the benefits of honey here)

Unprocessed - Never warmed over 103 degrees.  (The State of Utah* prohibits anything heated above 118 from being labeled as raw.) Commercial packers typically cook their honey at 140 - 160 degrees to deter crystallization.

Guaranteed Quality - Read about our guarantee here

Packed in a BPA-Free Airtight Pail - to preserve quality and taste and to make shipping more economical.  If storing for long periods of time we encourage you to transfer to glass jars.  However if you are using within a few months this is an affordable and efficient way to enjoy high quality honey. 

About Wildflower Honey

Our wildflower honey is a poly-floral variety, meaning that many types of nectar were collected by the bees to create it.  Although the taste, aroma, and flavor will vary from season to season wildflower honey is typically darker and more robust than its clover cousin.  We carefully collect and bottle this honey to ensure the natural pollen and unfiltered flavor remain. 

We invite you to experience honey just as nature intended. 

no-color-added-honey-sticksbpa-free-honey-sticksGluten Freeno corn syrupUS Honey

Raw Our raw honey has never been heated over 105 degrees!
Unfiltered Unfiltered honey retains some beeswax, pollen and the occasional bee part. Don't be alarmed. Its good for you.
Case Contains 1 (one) pail
Gallon Contains 12 lbs (5440 grams)
Plastic Pail Packaged in a plastic pail because glass gallon jars are too fragile to ship. Long term storage is permitted in glass although plastic will also work. (But we hope you enjoy the honey so much it doesn't stay in storage long anyway!)
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