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100 Pack - Lemon Honey Sticks

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PBA Plastic StrawsGluten Free

Honey Sticks (aka Honey Stix and Honey Straws) are a fun and easy way to enjoy honey on the go.  These pure clover honey sticks go great in coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

There are so many companies that offer honey sticks online and frankly most of them come from the large manufacturers.  But when you purchase our honey sticks I know you'll be happy.  We've never had anyone complain about our perfectly flavored honey sticks but if for some reason they don't meet your expectations please contact me and we'll make it right.  We work hard to provide only the finest honey sticks and we pride ourselves in knowing we have satisfied repeat customers.

Lemon Honey Sticks Ingredients: honey, natural flavor, natural color, citric acid

Lemon Honey Sticks are typically available in: 5 count, 20 count, 100 count bags and 1,000 and 2,000 count boxes.

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