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Raw Wildflower Honey - Quart (3 lbs)

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Our Honey Characteristics:

Unfiltered - Retains some beeswax and pollen - commercial packers typically filter their honey to create a clear visually appealing product. (read about the benefits of honey here)

Unprocessed - Never warmed over 103 degrees.  (The State of Utah* prohibits anything heated above 118 from being labeled as raw.) Commercial packers typically cook their honey at 140 - 160 degrees to deter crystallization.

Guaranteed QualityRead about our guarantee here

Packed in a Glass Jar - to preserve quality and taste.  This honey is packaged in a clear glass canning jar because glass maintains the taste and freshness of honey better than plastic.

About Wildflower Honey

Our wildflower honey is a poly-floral variety, meaning that many types of nectar were collected by the bees to create it.  Although the taste, aroma, and flavor will vary from season to season wildflower honey is typically darker and more robust than its clover cousin.  We carefully collect and bottle this honey to ensure the natural pollen and unfiltered flavor remain. 

We invite you to experience honey just as nature intended. 

WARNING: Do Not Feed Honey to Infants Under One Year Old

no-color-added-honey-sticksbpa-free-honey-sticksGluten Freeno corn syrupUS Honey

Size Quart - 3 lbs (1360g)
Glass Jar Packed in glass to preserve taste and texture. Also easier to re-warm in glass than plastic.
Single Source 100% pure wildflower honey. No water or corn syrup added. I guarantee you are only getting delicious pure honey!
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