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Honey Wedding Favors

Many ancient cultures believed honey had an aphrodisiac quality and had a significant role in their marriage rituals. Honey has been harvested for over 8,000 years and in the centuries that have ensued honey has taken on almost magical properties, for healing, for fertility, as the nectar of the Gods and even as currency. 

These days, in addition to being a sweet treat, the word "honey" is used as a term of endearment and flattery, can be used as a metaphor for the sweetness of love and life, and as a symbol of the rewards of hardwork and diligence. As a result, honey as played an important role in marriage ceremonies around the world. 

Let honey be a part of your ceremony with our all natural honey wedding favors.  They are sure to generate buzz when you share with your guests why you decided to have honey at your ceremony and even more conversation when you tell them they are from Honeyville, UT.  

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See our small blank honey wedding favors produced for the DIY bride.