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Blackberry Honey Sticks

Imagine biting into a sweet yet tart vine ripened blackberry covered in honey.  Yeah, our blackberry honey sticks are a lot like that.  Flavored with natural blackberry extract these deliciously flavored honey sticks will be a crowd pleaser.  Great drizzled over ice cream, added to your herbal tea or squeezed right from the straw to a waiting mouth, there is simply no wrong way to enjoy a blackberry honey stick. 

Honey Sticks,  also known as honey stix or honey straws, have been around for decades and are an exciting way to enjoy one of natures greatest gifts.  Our honey sticks are made in Utah, the beehive state, with our very own honey.  They are flavored using our own special recipe in small batches.  Each batch of 10,000 straws will vary slightly in color and taste from the previous batch due to variations in honey taste and color. 

If your honey sticks begin to crystallize you can put them in hot water on the stove, or in a sunny window to reliquify. 


Nutrition Facts

  • Each stick contains 1 tsp of honey (5 grams)  
  • Sticks are 6 5/8" long (16.82 cm)
  • 15 Calories Per Sticks
  • Blackberry Ingredients: Honey, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid