What's in my raw honey?

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You may be worrying about that dark speck you found in your honey... but you shouldn't be. This article spells out what it is and why its there. Keep reading to find out more...

What's in my honey jar?If you've opened up your jar of honey and found "floaties" you may be wondering who to call to complain.  But did you know that really raw honey is actually supposed to contain those "floaties."  In the honey industry this is known as debris.  Debris consists of bee pollen, propolis, beeswax, and the occasional bee part.  Commercial honey packers will filter this out to create a crystal clear, consumer friendly look, but doing so requires heating to higher temperatures and running the honey through a fine mesh filter. 

Most of this debris will float to the top during storage and is scraped off before pouring however there will be some mixed in with our honey due to the process we use to bottle the honey.  Let me take you through that process.

During extraction the honey is put into 55-gallon drums for storage.  These drums of honey will crystallize and will require warming to decrystallize.  We have developed a way to warm the honey very gently over a period of up to a week to ensure that no damage is done to the crystaline structure of the honey.  This also ensures the enzymes that make raw honey so beneficial aren't damaged.  Because we warm the honey only enough to pour it is still thick and cloudy.  This thick and cloudy honey will pass through a strainer to remove the large debris but isn't filtered so bits of pollen, beeswax, propolis, and the occasional bee part pass through.  This can be evidence that you honey is much more natural that the honey distributed by large commercial packers.  You see, the honey costs just about the same for everyone to produce, but packers heat their honey to such a temperature that it flows like water.  This "honey" (a mere shadow of what is once was) can be packaged very quickly.  And the faster they can be packaged the more money the large outfits make.  Bee Pollen in Honey

We take a different approach and focus on quality, service, superior taste and maintaining the health benefits of all natural pure raw honey.  Every jar is hand packed with this in mind. So in essence, if you see these "floaties" you should consider yourself fortunate because you get more of "the good stuff."  Just another reason why The Honey Jar is quickly becoming "Utah's Favorite Honey!"

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