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Raw Lavender Honey has some unique properties that set it apart as a gourmet varietal honey.

Lavender honey ranges from very light to mid-dark depending on the time of year it was harvested.  Our Lavender Honey comes from a lavender farm in Mona, UT.  We take great pride in our raw lavender honey because of the many inherent health benefits of lavender.  Our lavender honey is not infused or blended with anything else.  It is as pure as the day the bees produced it.

Raw lavender honey will crystallize but remains relatively easy to use.  The crystallized honey remains spoon-able but not pour-able.

Lavender honey has some interesting and unique properties because of the lavender nector source.  Lavender is an aromatic flower with natural soothing and relaxing properties.  Some people enjoy a spoonful of lavender honey to help them relax after a long day at work, or as a sweetener in their teas.  

Lavender honey also adds complementary notes to many dishes including cheesecakes and ice creams.  

The majority of lavender honey is produced in France with very little produced domestically.  We are very fortunate to have a beautiful lavender farm here in Utah that allows us to produce this intriguing and delicious honey.   

Our gourmet lavender honey is among the best lavender honey in the world and is of the finest quality.  We gently warm our honey to make it pour-able but not completely liquid.  So unlike the typical honey you find in the grocery stores our honey is considered raw and meets all the requirements mandated by the State of Utah to be labeled as such.  Our honey will crystallize.  This is not whipped or creamed honey.  This is just naturally crystallizing pure raw lavender honey.


Our Honey Characteristics:

Unfiltered - Retains some beeswax and pollen - commercial packers typically filter their honey to create a clear visually appealing product. (read about the benefits of honey here)

Unprocessed - Never warmed over 103 degrees.  (The State of Utah* prohibits anything heated above 118 from being labeled as raw.) Commercial packers typically cook their honey at 140 - 160 degrees to deter crystallization.

Guaranteed Quality - Read about our guarantee here

Packed in a Glass Jar - to preserve quality and taste.

This item consists of one jar containing at least: 1 lbs 6 ounces (1,275.73 g) honey.

WARNING: Do Not Feed Honey to Infants Under One Year Old

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