Welcome to The Honey Jar

Since its organization in July of 2005, The Honey Jar has been dedicated to providing its customers with the finest pure raw honey from Northern Utah's many local beekeepers. (Read Our Story Here)

Utah's Honey History

You may or may not have known that Utah is the "Beehive State". Our state insect is the honeybee. The beehive is on our state seal. You may also not realize that the proposed name of Utah was once Deseret. (Deseret is an ancient term meaning Honey Bee.) And was once known as the territory of deseret. After learning all of this it may not surprise you that the best honey comes from Utah…

…because of Utah’s desert climate the moisture content of our honey is very low making it more sugar dense. Talk about sweet!!! And what can be more fun than Utah honey? How about Pure Raw Honey from Honeyville, Utah? 

Honeyville residents can choose to go to one of two high schools. Box Elder “the home of the bees” or Bear River “the home of the bears.” You might guess there is some school rivalry.

It's almost like this little honey operation in Honeyville, UT was "meant to bee"