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A website is a direct representation of what your business is and how you go about doing it. Our website is always growing and changing just like our company. Check out this following article to see how we've changed over the years. ...


The Honey Jar Version 1.0Website #1 (Launced October 2006)
We launched our first website in 2006 using a wysiwyg editor called sitespinner (tm)
This was my first attempt at website design and it took me a long time to get it this good.  I think this site showed our character the best but back in 2006 broadband was still new to the game and it just took too long to load.
Plus everytime I needed to update the site I had to have access to the program it was written in.  That made it difficult to keep up to date.

The Honey Jar Version 2Website # 2 (launched August 2007)
This website was developed using x-cart and took a little bit of custom skinning.  I wanted the added functionality that x-cart brought to the table but wasn't happy with how much work it took to edit the appearance and make it look good.  I think the main reason I finally decided to redo the site again was shipping calculation problems.  It looks like the new website has that fixed!

The Honey Jar Website Version 3
Website # 3 (Launced October 2010)
And after working on this new website since May 2010 the new website officially launched today,  September 29, 2010.  I am very pleased with the new website.  Built around a wordpress blog the new website incorporates some great new technology.  Besides fixing the shipping calculations the new website also incorporates social media.  Facebook and Twitter were high priorities in the development of the new site.
Some other cool new features of this site:
A blog
A store locator
Faster load time
Better looking graphics
And an easy to use shopping cart!

The Honey Jar Website Version 4Website #4 (Launced April 2011)
I guess you can say webdesign is a little hobby of mine and a good website is always improving.  So here is Version 4.0 of our website.
Friendlier Design
Maintains same basic framework of version 3 just updated with a new theme. 


Website #5 (Launced April 2012)




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