Lavender Varietal Honey

Lavender Varietal Honey

***********************Sold Out Until Fall 2015*********************

Raw Lavender Honey has some unique properties that set it apart as a gourmet varietal honey.

Lavender Honey ranges from very light to mid dark depending on the time of year it was harvested.  Our Lavender Honey comes from a lavender farm in Mona, UT.  We take great pride in our raw lavender honey because of the many inherent health benefits of lavender.  Our lavender honey is not infused or blended with anything else.  It is as pure as the day the bees produced it.

Raw Lavender Honey - Half Pint (12 oz)

Raw Lavender Honey - Half Pint (12 oz)


********************** SOLD OUT UNTIL FALL 2015*************************** Raw Lavender Honey has.....

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