Dandelion Varietal Honey

Dandelion Varietal Honey

WOW!  Talk about an interesting and rare treat.  You can smell the dandelion as you bring the spoonful of honey to your mouth.  You'll notice the coarser texture characteristic of this unique honey.  You'll also notice this honey is mild and slightly bitter but not unappealing.  Would make a wonderful pairing with cheese or in a chef inspired dish. 

If you are like me, you have dandelions springing up all over your yard.  This apparent abundance of dandelion might leave some wondering, "why is it so rare?"  Dandelion honey is rare because it takes near perfect conditions for there to be such an overabundance of honey produced from there blooms that early in the spring.   Honey bees use the dandelion crop (which is usually the first crop of the year) to get a jumpstart on the building of the hives population.  Because of this, beekeepers don't harvest it unless there is an overabundance of the crop early in the spring.   As such, it is rare.  So if you are interested in being alerted when this honey becomes available again please join our mailing list.  


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