Bees: Up Close and Personal

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Sometimes its difficult to put into words some of the experiences you have in beekeeping. Sometimes it's just easier to watch.


WARNING.  There is music in the background.  Might want to adjust the volume on your speakers before you start the clip.

I took this video on my cell phone last Sunday at my sisters house.  I didn't have my beekeeping suit on or anything.  It was just me, the bees, and my smarter-than-I-am phone.  The bees are very docile as long as they don't feel threatened.  Most of the time my phone was only inches from them and yet... no stings.  But I'm a professional kids, so don't try this at home... haha

I thought this clip was interesting enough to share.  It's not often that we have the opportunity to be this up close and personal with the bees while they are out gathering nectar and pollen.    However this backyard was covered in the grape hyacinth and the bees were going crazy. 

You'll notice the bees bop and bounce from flower to flower.  I'm not sure why this is.  You would think that as industrious as bees are they would systematically gather the nectar with the least amount of wasted time or energy.  But considering the amount of sugars in their system.  Maybe they couldn't focus if they wanted to.  

Notice the yellow on the bees legs.  This is pollen.  The hairs on their legs are designed to catch it.  And the bees collect it as they gather the nectar.  The pollen is an important substance for the bees because it is full of protein.  Which the bees need to stay healthy and strong.  

Honeybees can be such fascinating creatures to watch.  Hope you enjoyed.

- Kyle 


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