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It was a beautiful day outside here in Honeyville, Utah home of the best honey in the world. I may be a bit partial but who isn't? So in an effort to put off what I actually needed to get done today I got suited up and did a checkup on the bees. Who would have thought that a simple walk to the back yard watching these industrious creatures could be such a relaxing and interesting experience. Each of the four hives in my backyard have a story and each is special to me.



The Honey Jar - Honeyville, Utah Beehives

The Honey Jar - Honeyville Utah Beehives
The one on the left is my first hive, my first adventure in beekeeping.  I had so much fun watching them that when someone in Ogden called with a swarm on his pear tree I just had to go and get it. Although a month had passed between the first hive and the second, good ol' number 2 is almost caught up.
Hives 3 and 4 were purchased in May and shipped in from California.   Something happened to number 4 sometime in June and the hive is just starting to catch up again.  Hopefully he makes it through the winter.

One of the most amazing things to me is the difference in beeswax color, and bee behavior between the four hives.  Hive 1 has a more yellow beeswax comb and is probably the most docile.  Hive 2 has the whitest comb and is probably the most industrious.  Hive 3 and 4 are about the same except for the size of the hive now.  The one just took off and the other almost collapsed.  This year has been an adventure and one that I have thoroughly loved.  If you would like to get into beekeeping and have an adventure of your own check out the resources on this page.Our Beaufiul Bees




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